Made to Measure Voile &  Sheer Curtains

Our modern sheer window treatments will hang beautifully in any room. We have stain-resistant, Eco, Flame-Retardant, and extra-wide sheer curtain panels depending on your requirements. Voile and sheer curtains are Ideal for you if you want to let lots of light into the room while still maintaining a high level of privacy. Perfect choice if you suffer from Asthma or Hayfever, as our Voile/Sheer Curtains are washable.

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Ice Voile

From £84.00£67.20

Pampero Sheer

From £162.00£129.60

Linnie Sheer

From £97.00£77.60

Illusion Sheer

From £104.00£83.20

Whisp Sheer

From £132.00£105.60

Pegasus Sheer

From £115.00£92.00

Serenity Sheer

From £95.00£76.00

Revive Sheer

From £100.00£80.00

Nuance Sheer

From £108.00£86.40

Snowflake Sheer

From £84.00£67.20

Endless Sheer

From £144.00£115.00

Moments Sheer

From £109.00£87.20

Harmony Sheer

From £148.00£118.00