Blinds Safety Legislation

All blinds supplied and / or fitted in household premises must comply with the legislation, even if children do not live at the premises at the time of the order. Commercial premises must comply if children are likely to visit the premises at any time, for example, schools or restaurants.

Why was the legislation changed?

Public awareness of the strangulation risk to young children presented by blind cords and chains has led the authorities to introduce stricter safety standards.

  • 2004: There were no child safety requirements for blinds.
  • 2009: Limited requirements were implemented.
  • 2014: Detailed requirements and test methods were introduced, together with compulsory warning labels on the product and in store.
What does the legislation say?

Blinds must either have no accessible cords (so no strangulation risk) or be supplied with child safety devices which must be fitted as per the manufacturer's instructions, either by the customer or by a fitter (Design-JR).

Warning notices must be supplied with the product and at the point of sale to ensure that customers are aware of the potential child safety hazards.

Safety devices are already included with our blinds, but the new legislation requires us to apply stricter test methods and also raise customer awareness to the strangulation risk posed to young children through warning labels.

As part of our compliance to these regulations and to make sure that our blinds are out of reach of children, all the chains and cords provided with our products will be made at a maximum length of one meter.

Furthermore, if a child or vulnerable person is likely to be using the room where the blind is installed, you MUST fit the safety device we provide in order to tie up the pull cord safely out of the way of children, vulnerable persons and pets.

Even when the safety device is fitted, we recommend that you move beds, cots and furniture away from any window.

Please also follow the advice below to avoid the risk of harm to children:

  • Keep blind cords out of the reach of young children.
  • Move beds, cots and furniture away from windows that have blinds installed.
  • Do not tie cords together. Make sure that cords do not twist and create a loop.
  • Be aware that the release of small parts can cause a child to choke if swallowed.

The safety clip should be attached at least 1.5m from the floor.

Are Design-JR blinds safe?

All our blinds are supplied with a safety mechanism to secure any loose cords or chains, they also include fitting instructions and warnings.

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