Here at Design-JR, we don’t just make new curtains, but also are experienced in alterations. Whether you have old curtains that need resizing for a new window or you have bought your own curtains and need them altered to fit your home, we can help. If you live locally, you can drop them off or simply post them to us with the required measurements. Please read the terms and conditions for alterations.

What Alterations to ready-made curtains can we do?

Alterations to curtain heading.

Curtains can be “freshened up” simply by changing the curtain heading, particularly as trends change. Tell us what heading your curtains have and what curtain heading would like to replace it with.  (Please note curtains must be clean!)

Converting curtains into something new.

If your curtain fabric is in good condition then why not re-use it, especially if you are moving to a new house or giving a room a make-over. With our help your old curtains can be converted into Roman blind, cushions, etc.  (Please note curtains must be clean!)

Curtain shortening/lengthening/width re-sizing.

Shorten curtains

Narrow the curtains width

Add fabric to make the curtains wider

Add fabric to make the curtains longer

(Please note curtains must be clean!)

The price list below is for curtain shortening based on curtain widths (not applicable to voile/sheer/net curtains).

Lined curtains

Width 117cm – £30 for  a pair

Width 168cm – £43 for a pair

Width 228cm – £58 for a pair

Width 284cm – £72 for  a pair

Unlined curtains

Width 117cm – £20 for a pair

Width 168cm – £29 for a pair

Width 228cm – £40 for a pair

Width 284cm – £49 for a pair

Voile/Sheer/Net curtains

We charge – £7 per/m.

Example: You have a Voile/Sheer curtain that is 4m wide and you want to shorten the length by 10cm, 15, 20…. etc. Your price will be calculated by the curtain width in this example it is 4m, and the price for this job is £28 (4m x £7 per/m).

Please note:

Curtains will be returned folded and will not be ironed.

For details on other work please send an email and quote can be given.